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En este lugar podrás encontrar diferentes oportunidades de negocio, tales como la extracción de minerales, equipos para mineros,miel y apicultura, compra venta de bienes raices.

También te invitamos a anunciar tus productos o nos ofrecemos a promoverlos en Korea del Sur y en todo Asia.


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    Yvette Palomera (sábado, 27 febrero 2021 18:28)

    Mineral Bussines Trader Manzanillo Port
    From Mexico +523141465434

    Iron ore Magnetite (45% to 67%) Lázaro Cárdenas & Manzanillo port
    Iron ore Hematite (+62%) - Lázaro Cárdenas Port
    Investor for mineral extraction (Jalisco, Colima & Lázaro Cárdenas)
    iron mines for sale

    I remain at your service.

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    Yass mounhim (viernes, 06 noviembre 2020 18:58)

    I have platimoids ore contact me per email

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    Suhaib Hasan Siddiqui (domingo, 06 septiembre 2020 12:01)

    Dear Concern,

    We are looking for

    HMS 1 & 2 (80/20)

    Quantity 50,000 MT per Month x 12 month

    100% DLC-Payable at destination after inspection within 6 working days!

    Please share Price per MT CIF ASWP, VIdeo of Stock...etc
    BCL, POF and LOI may be provided!

    Suhaib Hasan Siddiqui

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    8618626331434 (lunes, 15 junio 2020 21:14)

    I can offer hydraulic machines such as baler,shear and briquetter for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
    Good price.
    Any interested,call me. 008618626331434.


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    Amir (martes, 09 junio 2020 02:19)

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    This is Amir from Pouyarahro.

    We do supply the below products at the best rate:

    1- LPG, Crude oil, D2, Gasoline, Mazut

    2- Bitumen, Clinker, Cement

    3- Ethanol, Methanol, White spirit,

    4- Urea 46%, Sulphur

    If you need any of those for your clients do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion.

    Thank You
    PRS Sale manager

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    광오Sung (jueves, 06 febrero 2020 20:32)

    누에보레온 Apodaca에 살고 있습니다.
    꿀을 사려고 하는데 종류 별로 혼합해서 구입이 가능 한가요?
    최소 구매 가능 수량과 구매방법을 알려주세요
    한국 계좌는 없나요?

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    김창배 (jueves, 13 junio 2019 12:22)

    Amart 운영하고 있습니다.
    수퍼에서 판매하고자 하는데...가능 하시면 연락 주세요
    CEL 55-5409-2783

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    Kifah Almosleh (miércoles, 29 mayo 2019 22:05)

    Dear Sirs,

    This is Kifah Almosleh from Amer International Group located in Shenzhen, China. I have come across your website as we are looking for Lead & Silver concentrates suppliers to cooperate with.

    Allow me introduce you to Amer International Group:

    Amer International Group is a high-tech industrial group headquartered in Shenzhen, China with a range of vertically integrated assets in both the non-ferrous metallic and non-metallic material industries. In 2017, the group achieved a turnover of over 487.5 billion RMB (71.2 billion USD), obtaining position 111 in Fortune Global 500 as of 2018; 41 in the Chinese Top 500 enterprises; 12th in the Top 500 China Manufacturing Industry; 5th in China’s Top 500 private enterprises and 3rd in China’s Top 500 private manufacturing enterprises.

    With just twenty years of development, Amer International Group has grown from a regional producer within a single industry into a global influencer with an entire industry chain. With the exponential growth of economic globalization and the deepening of China's economic restructuring, Amer Group is making headway in actively implementing the innovative business model of integrating internationalized markets, internationalized talents, internationalized management and "Great Growth Pole, Great Industrial Chain, Great Industrial Park”. Through this, we intend to create a perfect global industry, with the best product quality and the most trustworthy and respected service providers. By doing so, we aim to step into the ranks of the World's Top 100 enterprises.

    Our mission statement is to dedicate ourselves to the development of national industries through the revitalization of our national spirit and heritage.

    Stand in the future with us and look at the world of trade today; we have devoted ourselves to building an electronic and Information Industry Park in Lanzhou New Area, a strategic nodal point overlooking the global market along the famed Silk-Road Economic Belt, which integrates production, learning, research, housing, tourism, commerce, trade, goods, gold and general administration. Presently, the industrial new town is undergoing development on a massive scale, with a complete industrial chain comprising of excellent product solutions, accurate market positioning, and a no compromise win-win business environment.

    Looking ahead, Amer will continue to focus on industrial chain management, continue to integrate superior global resources, rapidly adapt to new economic development opportunities, continue to exceed expectations, and through leading the industry in China, actively serve the world!

    Now we are looking to purchase Lead and silver concentrates as below details:

    - Lead (Pb) contents: Min. 40% to Max 68%

    - Silver (Ag) contents: Min. 2500 ppm (g/ton) to 5000 (g/ton)

    - Shape or size: Powder (under 200 mesh) or crushed rocks (max. 10 mm)

    Quantity Required: Min 500 MT per Month

    Shipping Terms: CIF

    Destination Port: China Main Port

    Payment term: L/C

    If you are supplying the above quantity, then please send us the best quotations with detailed specifications and test reports.

    Waiting for your prompt reply.


    Best Regards,

    Kifah Almosleh
    Project Specialist

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    israel torres (miércoles, 22 mayo 2019 21:39)

    Tenemos estos minerales disponible
    Mineral Business Trader

    SULPHUR GRANULAR 99% & 50%
    COPPER ORE 8% & 25%
    IRON ORE 62% & 64%
    ZINC ORE 45% +
    LEAD ORE 20% 60%
    METAL IRON 46%min 59%max
    emial: btorres777@yandex.com

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    Valmir (domingo, 27 enero 2019 16:17)

    Estou querendo saber sobre aluguel em Portugal.

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    Jaime rios (martes, 27 noviembre 2018 09:07)

    Vendo 10tn de rebaba de aluminio 380 sin fierro
    Ubicadas en Monterrey Nuevo León

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    Jaime Ríos (martes, 17 julio 2018 11:50)

    Ando ofreciendo rebaba de aluminio con arena silica

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    israel torres (viernes, 01 junio 2018 05:09)

    tenemos distintos tipo de minerales para vende maganeso,zinc,antimonio ,nickel

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    Joel Piña (domingo, 24 diciembre 2017 19:46)

    Mina: El salvador

    País: México

    Estado: Zacatecas

    Municipio: G. Panfilo Natera

    Minas cercanas: Arian Silver, Mina la Parreña

    Se hace el ofrecimiento de esta mina con yacimientos AU , AG , PB , ZN , CU ubicada en Zacatecas , México en el municipio de General Panfilo Natera ejido Saucito a 70 km de la ciudad de Zacatecas , México pasando por la carretera federal 49 (Zacatecas-San Luis Potosí) hay carretera hasta la mina .

    Se cuenta con título de Concesión expedido por Secretaria de Economía , estudios de las vetas , documento firmado por el ejido para la autorización de la entrada de cualquier maquinaria, proyecto de inversión a pequeña escala , cartografía del SGM en fotografía. Esperemos que sea de su interés…….


    TEL. 4921611908