Guasima or Guazuma Tea  Cure and Relieve   your  Kidney,  Diabetes, Liver and Bronchitis problems, Anti Virus*(COVID-19) etc 

Price : 100gr/ U$10 (during month)  , 250gr/U$20.00(2 month), each time per  about 25gr.

Health & Cure for with Guasima ***  origin/ Mexico Tree

kidney diseases (cystitis).for fevers, colds, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, dysentery, , liver problems, prostate problems

and as a uterine stimulant. to relieve urine retention, hair loss, catarrh, pectoral complaints, abdominal pain,

gastrointestinal upset, infections and diabetes. to treat sores, cough, fever, flu, vomiting, gastritis, malaria,

urine retention, syphilis, rheumatism, diabetes, inappetence and epithelial affections..


Medicinal uses of Guásima(Guazuma)

*Fruits: They are used against dysentery, bloody diarrhea,

   inflammations skin rashes and kidney disease (cystitis).

*Mucilage (smeared): It is applied to heal bruises.

**Boiled Flutteringly  around 20-30 minutes : drink after cold to fevers, colds, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia,

           dysentery, diarrhea, liver problems, kidney problems,prostate problems and more

*Leaves and bark: Used to relieve urine retention, dropping of the hair, catarrh, chest conditions, abdominal pain,     

          gastrointestinal complaints, infections and diabetes.

 *Leaves, bark, tender shoots, roots and fruits: They are used to cure sores, coughs,fever, flu, vomiting, gastritis,

          malaria, urine retention, syphilis,rheumatism, diabetes, inappetence and  epithelial affections.


*Infusion of the plant or direct application of the sap: It is applied to the skin to heal rashes, sores,

           dermatitis, rash, minor injuries and scalp.

* Eliminates excess glucose and produces insulin naturally

* Currently Guásima is commonly used as a home remedy and  traditional for diabetes at Central America or,  whats-app : 52-33-3462-4949

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