One Touch Coupler for Lebar in Building Construction.

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 Introduction Products

Principle:Automatic coupler is composed of body,stopper,spring, and three fastener fittings that hold

the reinforcing bar and coupler , how to use automatic.coupler is insert rebar into upper and lower hole of coupler

andthen work finished and joint working time of rebar is 3 sec ,

Compare with another goods:In the existing rebar assembly construction, there was a 10 percent rebar loss

due to the rebar overlapping method,but the automatic coupler has zero rebar loss, because it’s not a rebar overlapping method and the automatic coupler is a direct splicing method,and rebar overlap method is  worker of 15 people are required, but automatic coupler method is 1 person is required , the automatic coupler use save the 30-40% of  manpower cost and reduce material ,

(Brief Result) Rebar assembly work is essential at the construction site , in the past , due to rebar overlap method is

many rebar loss and the people require many too but automatic coupler is one person handles a work of 15 people,

for example overlap method is requires 15 people but automatic  coupler need to only one person to complete assembly,

on the other hand , the automatic coupler is save a manpower cost and save a rebar material too, also we are always preparing

good quality products and good price for constructor.     Thank you for your Interesting

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