Offering CaF2/ Fluorspar  from Mexico at the best Quality and Price

1)We are supplying High grade Fluorspar(CaF2) Powder  from Mexico 

CaF2. CaF2, CaF2. High Grade--- CaF2 : 98.6% , CaCo3: 0.48%, SiO2: 1% 

 FLUORSPAR, Calcium Fluoride Origin is Mexico

불화칼슘/형석/Fluorite Powder

2)We are supplying the Fluorite Ore from Mexico. 60-85% from Mexico

CAF2: 90%~98% appearance:dry powder

1.Fluorite also called fluorspar, Chemical Constituents of CaF2, also called calcium fluoride,.

    It is a compound,the main composition is calcium fluoride. it is important minerals to get fluorine minerals.

2.Shape:particle size,lump,powder.

3.Fluorite has many colors:transparent colorless,green,purple.etc. Main Application:

a).Can be used to make special optical lenses with the Transparent colorless;

b).Can be used as flux for the production of steel,aluminium ,as catalytic agent for manufacture Frost, enamel, high - octane fuel.

c).Used for building materials, such as the firing of cement, mosaic, ceramics, glass, fiberglass, and so on.

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2) We are supplying the Fluorite Ore from Mexico. 70%-85% or More 90%

We supply Fluorite Ore from the Mine at a reasonable price and Quality for overseas customers, which was selected for long-term business relationships. Whatever quantity you want to purchase, we only need fast payment. Our mine has huge quantities reserved of fluorite Ore, the same as in the picture. If you want to invest in our mine, we are welcome always.